Weekend Update: 9/8/13

Our weekend started like most do, playing with the hand mixer –> wait, that’s not how your weekend started? Which one of us is not normal?  Don’t answer that. . .


Then, we made a weekend batch of Chia Peanut Butter Power Bars. So YUM.


And we went for a VERY hot and humid run. –> that is my “whoa, it’s hot out face”. . .


And we played with our hand mixer more while eating grapes. . .


And then this happened. . .


Don’t worry, recipe is coming your way on Thursday!!

I tried this Pinterest trick for a showing . . . and to make the house smell good –>

House smelling weird? Put two caps full of vanilla extract in a coffee cup, then place it in the oven at 300 degrees for one hour. Within twenty minutes the whole house smells like Heaven. It's actually a common realtor trick.

and it worked, the house smelled like fresh baked cookies, but Scott was super disappointed when he realized that I hadn’t made cookies.

And another hot and humid run on Saturday, although this time I left the baby at home. . .


And we went to the Apple Orchard!! This is our favorite place to go. ..


And then I made this –> Cheeseburger casserole. It was delicious. The toppings  of lettuce, tomatoes and pickles made it amazing.


And Wild Harvest sent a little package to help with packing for #HLS13.


And I finally found a cute container for our shells from Marco Island. . . with room to add shells from our upcoming trip to Coco Beach!!


Sunday started with BODYPUMP 87. . .


And then I went out for my long run of the week – 7 miles. . . with Luke in the jogging stroller!! And my big cheese-ball grin is from randomly seeing Melanie on my run. . . Her husband was in town for the wedding fair (for his travel agency business – Travel Made Real) and she tagged along too. It is always a good thing to get a hug in the middle of a long run –> sorry I was such a sweaty mess Mel!! Winking smile 


Sunday afternoon was perfect – dinner cooking in the crockpot (this) and football on the TV. . . well it was almost perfect because the Packers lost, but at least Luke got to practice his touchdown skills. . .


And the rest of the day, we just hung out. . . #perfection #lovemyboys


and this girl too. .


What were you up to this weekend?


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15 Responses to Weekend Update: 9/8/13

  1. Those recipes look so yummy!
    Jackie recently posted..Silent Sunday…just some eatsMy Profile

  2. Looks like a fabulous weekend! Can’t wait for that recipe on Thursday. YUM! We had a great weekend, and now we’re gearing up for next weekend. My oldest is turning 4, so we’ve got a big party planned with lots of family coming to celebrate. Plus, my husband and I are running a 15-mile trail race on Saturday morning.
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..Race Recap: Eastman 10KMy Profile

  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend – except for the whole Packers thing 😉 – playing with the hand mixer (hehe!), an apple orchard, running (and running into a friend!), a smell-good house and baking! Can’t wait to see you in FOUR days!!!! 🙂
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted..Arugula & Goat Cheese Flatbread PizzaMy Profile

  4. I have not had a friut pizza in years. That needs to change after seeing your pic! Sounds like a pretty fun weekend (minus the super hot running weather)!
    Shannon recently posted..Osceola’s Wings & Wheels 2013My Profile

  5. You should have heard me in the car when I saw you.
    Me: Omg Dana it’s Katie!!!!!
    Dana: Running4Cupcakes Katie?!
    Me: Yes! Omg pull over I have to go say hi! But I don’t want to freak her out!

    Then we pulled over and of course I mauled you over and I loved every second of your sweaty hug! I had a cheesy grin on my face afterwards too! I can’t believe I found you!
    See you again in 4 DAYS!
    Melanie @ BeautifullyNutty recently posted..A Surprise from Bethenny Frankel!My Profile

  6. Ahhh that’s the reason I can’t keep sweet scents (like sugar cookie or cupcake) in the house haha. They make me hungry for sweets and then I get mad when there aren’t any sweets available 😉 We were cheering for the packers yesterday too and were equally disappointed when they lost 🙁 At least Luke got touch down practice though….too cute 😉
    Caitlin recently posted..Game TimeMy Profile

  7. Nice weekend!

    We went apple picking too – I’m pretty sure it was my first time picking my own fruit/veggies because I don’t remember going as a kid, but not sure.

    My Patriots managed a win yesterday, but just barely. And it was against the Bills! I was not a happy panda for most of that game!
    Courtney @ Don’t Blink. Just Run. recently posted..Who and MonstersMy Profile

  8. Looks like a great weekend!! Mine consisted of school cooking and relaxing!! I love a weekend of relaxing 🙂
    Great job on the runs… I will start running again at the end of the week.
    Alex recently posted..Weekend Recap 9/9/13My Profile