Weekly Goal Review–May 15th

Goals for next week!

1. Continue on trying for 5 fruits/veggies per day

Sunday: 1 – whoa how did that happen???
Monday: 5
Tuesday: 5
Wednesday: 4
Thursday: 2 *sigh*
Friday: 2 *sigh again*
Saturday: 4

Some days better, some days not! I am just going to keep trying to up the fruits and veggies daily!

2. Continue to practice dessert moderation: Only 1 dessert per night and watching portion sizes and try for at least one night of a non-dessert dessert!

Sunday: Cold Stone shake shared with Scott
Monday: Easter candy
Tuesday: Smoothies
Wednesday: Adora calcium disc
Thursday: Dessert pizza at Pizza Ranch
Friday: frosted animal cracker cookies and Easter candy
Saturday: chocolate cake at baby shower

I had some issues this week with craving dessert and sweets and going overboard. I feel like I have been able to get right back on track and blogging really helped that! I am going to keep working on keeping sweets and desserts in my life on a daily basis but in moderation!  

3. Continue food journal – check (except for Friday)

4. Run 4 times: – check! Sunday: 4.5 miles, Tuesday 5 miles, Wednesday 5 miles, Saturday 5 miles 

5. Strength train twice & 30 Day Shred 3 times: – DONE! (I am counting SHRED as strength training too): CTI – Monday night, Shred Level 2 – Wednesday, Shred Level 3 –Friday, Shred Level 1 –Saturday

6. Spend one night off the couch – golf, tennis? – rain, working late got in the way again. . . it was nice to go out to Pizza Ranch on Thursday night. . .

7. Review these next Sunday! – done!

Goals for next week. . .

1. Continue my quest for 5 fruits/veggies per day

2. Continue dessert moderation and avoiding temptations and cravings

3. Continue food journal

4. Run 4 times

5. Strength training/ Shred 3xs

6. Enjoy my birthday on Thursday and going to the Lake this weekend! Winking smile 

7. Review these goals next Sunday.

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