Winter Carnival Half Marathon Recap 2013

Another 1/2 marathon done!

The Winter Carnival Half Marathon was a success. Smile 

The race started at a reasonable 9am. So, we were able to sleep in until about 7:30. We stayed at my parent’s house the night before, so we were only about 20 minutes away from the start line. It was a cold 3 degrees when we left the house. Good thing Abby has a fur coat that makes her the perfect spectator!


My cheering squad: Scott and Abby!


Beautiful downtown St. Paul on the drive to the race. 037

I had a LUNA bar and some water on the way to the race. And of course, had to find a porta potty before the race. Thankfully, because it was freezing outside, the lines went very quickly! I hooked up with Sue at the start line and at 9am and 3 degrees, we were off.

Scott was an excellent photographer. He was also super good about getting to see us a number of times on the race course – I think we saw him 7 times! 042047

My Dad even showed up too – and ran a little bit with us. 048

Sue and I haven’t seen each other in forever, so we had lots of time to chat during the race. Overall the race went well. I knew after hitting the wall at mile 11 during the Des Moines Half Marathon, that I wanted to start this race out slower and make sure I was able to finish strong. Which is just what I did! Slow and steady throughout the whole race. I was feeling a little tired at mile 4-5, but then, seeing Scott and having Dad run a little bit with us, made the next miles go by quick. It was a out and back course, so after the turn around, miles 8, 9, and 1o came quick too. We walked thru water stops at 6 and 10. And man, that water was chilly! And where people had spilled or dumped their water out – frozen ice on the ground – that’s when you know it is cold out! 050

And then about mile 12, Sue decided to take off.  .. and there are some wicked hills in the last mile! But I kept strong and steady.

Here’s Sue finishing!

And about a minute later – me! waving my pink striped gloves. Smile 061

And officially crossing the line! Official time – 2:01:36. 062

And happy to be done!

I was worried about the weather and being cold, but I ended up being perfectly dressed. I had two layers on underneath my super cool new wind-blocking North Face top that Scott got me for Christmas. I stated the race with gloves and mittens and handed the mittens off to Scott about half way through. And I had fleece pants with wind pants over the top.

Overall, a great half marathon! But the best thing about this race is that instead of a t-shirt and medal – you get a fleece headband and a mug! Scott was super jealous! The mug said “Frostbite is underrated!” Smile 



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18 Responses to Winter Carnival Half Marathon Recap 2013

  1. Becky @ Olives n Wine

    Congrats! That’s an awesome time, especially with it being so cold!!! I need some tips on how to run in the cold. My lungs always feel like they are frozen!

    • KT

      It seems like some people can do it and some people have more problems with it. . . my only suggestion is to make sure you dress extra warm and work into it. Like only run outside for a 1/2 -1 mile the first time and work your way up to let your lungs get used to it. It is also helpful to have a scarf or cover that you have sortof over your mouth to breath into, to help warm up the air a little bit!

  2. Wahoo for a successful half! I love dressing perfectly, but it rarely happens! Good job 🙂 I also love Scott’s bibs! That’s definitely what my husband would have worn too.
    Jade recently posted..Outside run + will work for ice creamMy Profile

  3. Kim

    Woohoo fantastic race! And I am pretty jealous of that mug too :p!
    Kim recently posted..2013 GoalsMy Profile

  4. CONGRATS on a job well done!!! You rock!!! I have to say I agree with that mug saying 😉
    Elizabeth @ My Neon Running Shoes recently posted..Slaughter luck and delicious pizzaMy Profile

  5. Unbelievable!! GIRL – you are amazing! I’m pretty sure my mouth was dropped open as I read this post. Props to you for running in 3 degree weather and dodging frozen ice patches – I can’t even wrap my mind around that…and I like running in the cold…but cold to me is 30 degrees. lol Your time was awesome and your pictures were adorable! Congratulations on getting another 13.1 under your belt!
    Ashley@cupcakesncrunches recently posted..Running with AndyMy Profile

  6. That is a beautiful picture of St. Paul! I love all the running pictures, you are such a rock star!! 🙂
    Kate @ Quarter Century Southern Living recently posted..FavoritesMy Profile

  7. Oh my! I live in Georgia, I can not even imagine what it would be like to run when it is 3 degrees outside. I get worried and chicken out when it drops below 50. Congrats! That is an awesome time!
    Melissa @mypeachlife recently posted..One Fab MealMy Profile

    • KT

      You and my husband would get along well because he refuses to run oustide when it is less than 50 degrees out!

  8. Great job! That seems so chilly, that North face looks so cute on you! PS I love that your husband will model for you, how can I convince my husband haha
    Sharsti@theblondehairblueeyedrunner recently posted..We’ve Caught ItMy Profile

  9. You are brave woman! I don’t know if I’d bear those temps:-) Great performance too!
    Gina recently posted..Randomness (with pics)My Profile