Winter Carnival Half Marathon Training – 2013

I did it.

I succumbed to peer pressure. . . thanks a lot Sue.

I have officially signed up for the St. Paul Winter Carnival Half Marathon.


I think this will be my 4th time doing it??? Sue – is that right?

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Pictures from the last time we ran together.  ..

And pictures from when I ran it solo in 2011. . . Dad joined me for a few miles!

And I have officially started training. . . Did an 10 mile long run this week. Ok, so it was on the treadmill while watching an documentary on climbing Mount Everest on Netflix Instant Play on my iPad. <—still totally counts as training. Winking smile 


I have been logging in some longer miles over the past few weeks. Slowly trying to inch my weekly mileage up a little higher. I averaged about 25 miles per week in December.

I know that it is something that everyone struggles with – when to fit in a workout. Especially when you are working full time. . . and even more so now, with a baby!

I usually try to get my longer runs in on the weekend, so I don’t have to worry about missing out on bath time or bedtime with Luke on the weeknights. I take Mondays off, because Scott is home all day with Luke and I know, because I stay at home with him on Fridays, that after being with a 8 month old all day, it is really really nice when the other person comes home! I try to fit in a quick run on Tuesdays, usually not more than 30 minutes. Wednesdays I teach aerobics at the YMCA, so that is y workout that day. Thursday – I try to do a repeat of Tuesday if Scott is willing and able! And Fridays, I try to fit in a run during naptime.  . . which is dangerous because I can have time for 5 miles and a shower and lunch or I can be interrupted at mile 2.

Scott takes the treadmill in the morning for his runs. Which is fine by me – I am not a morning exerciser person – I am a sleep until the last possible second and then for 5 more minutes type of person!

It’s always a work in progress. I will always want to fit in more miles into the week. . . but there is this very important thing in life called balance. And that is what it is all about!


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5 Responses to Winter Carnival Half Marathon Training – 2013

  1. Oh my goodness – that run looks cold! Actually, it looks freezing! I would rather run in the cold than the extreme heat though. I don’t mind bundling up. That’s awesome you’re doing another half! And 10 miles on the treadmill totally counts as training! You’re going to rock that race!

    You’re so right about balance. Sometimes I will plan on running long during the week before work…but then my alarm goes off…and I hit snooze…twice…and I end up cutting 2 miles out of my run due to lack of time. Sleep usually wins, but I’m just happy if I wake up and run at all during the weekday mornings! haha
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    • KT

      Good for you for *sometimes* getting up in the morning. .. I always have the best intentions to get up early and workout, but I am just not a morning exerciser. Sometimes I can drag myself out of bed if I am meeting someone, otherwise, no way!

  2. “I am a sleep until the last possible second and then for 5 more minutes type of person! ” Me too!! It is so hard to get out of a cozy warm bed, but once I’m on a routine I never regret it. Love hearing about your running- so motivating for me during these sleepy winter months. I just found your blog and am enjoying it!

    • KT

      Welcome! I agree that fitness is always easier once you get in a routine! The hard part is getting into the routine!

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